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Lions are the only animals that do not live alone among the cat family. Apart from feeding the cubs, lioness is responsible for hunting. For the male lion, it is responsible for mating and protecting the family. Most of the time, lion is the laziest animal when not preying, which could sleep up to 20 hours in a day. Between family members, they are very friendly. They will squeeze and rub their heads and necks when they meet, or they will gently whistle. However, when there is a lack of food, they can kill and eat each other. Although the vast majority of lions avoid humans and do not bother to look at those who drive pass, it is still not recommended to walk close to a lion. If the lion lets out a howling and twitching tail, it means to prepare for attacks (like the behavior of a cat). It is not suggested to flee but the best way is to yell, to look back at it, and to pretend that you look strong. It is no doubt that lion is the king of the African grasslands. Not only because of its fierce and huge body, it is also because of its loud roars and its mighty and majestic posture. Lion is being worshipped in many European countries, although there is no lion in Europe. The mascot of the 2006 World Cup is a lion--Ge Liao, and the sign used by the Premier League is a lion too.