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Leopards live alone mysteriously. They usually take actions at nights. They have extraordinary hunting skills and usually come and go in places with covers and preys. In fact, leopards can also be found in human settlements. They capture pets, insects, and even beetles as their dinners. Their apparent strength and body-weight ratios mean that they can easily take away an antelope that is three times of their weight from lions, hyenas, or other carnivores. They would take the prey on the tree end enjoy it there. Even though leopards are strong and agile, they are indeed very shy. When faced with other predators, they tend to choose to leave, especially during the day. They are also very quiet, the most unique voice that sounds like the sound of sawing woods shows that the territory is their sites. Mother leopards call their cubs with a high and blunt voice. When they are happy, leopards issue a "yapping" soft sound. When they lift the top of their long white tail, it is a "Come with me" signal, especially when you greet them at night. Although leopards are not as fierce as lions on the African pasture, their shape is very handsome and beautiful. African leopard has a rosette pattern, conductive to the protection of color in the mottled shade of a tree. It is also a small number of cats that can adapt to different environments. Leopards have become a hot topic for literature and painting. The mascot of the 2010 South Africa World Cup soccer finals is also a leopard.