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The white rhinoceros, a kind of semi-social animals, are large herbivores. Adults weigh about two tons. Its heavy head is placed in the root of layers and is very comfortable. Like a vacuum on the grass fields, its strong lips and wide mouth can effortlessly swallow a lot of grass. Black rhinos only eat leaves. Their lips are good at grasping branches of leaves into their big mouth. The black rhino and white rhino are myopic. Black rhinos are not as heavy as white rhinos but are more bad-tempered and love invading. You should be prepared. Black rhinos are bulky, but they are flexible. Both rhinos use strings of wonderful voice for communication, such as rhythmic wheezing, whining, squeaking, growling, chirping sound and wheezing puff sound. Rhinos are mainly distributed in Africa and Southeast Asia. They are the biggest Perissodactyla animals, second only to elephants—the large-bodied terrestrial animal. All rhinoceros basically have short legs and stout bodies. Although their bodies are big and clumsy, they are often timid and harmless and do not hurt other animals. In general, they prefer to avoid rather than to fight. However when they are injured or in trouble, they will be exceptionally ferocious, often blindly rush to enemies.