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Hunters feel that buffalos are the most difficult to overcome opponents, especially after injuries. There is a lot of stories that said that wounded buffalos will retaliate. They laid an ambush in the bush, secretly track, and wait for an opportunity to attack hunters. If the herd is very large - sometimes up to several hundred heads, then buffalos are not dangerous at all. However, teams of old and bad-tempered male buffalos are worth noting and are very aggressive. In enormous herds of buffalos, you can also see separate communities of one family. They may be the favorite prey of lions, but buffalos themselves are not weak. Lions are likely to be surrounded by numerous buffalos and get kicked at everywhere. Buffalos issue a typical cattle call, especially when they head toward water. You can hear a long "meeee..." sound. You can also hear different voices: short growls, grunts, goose sounds, quack sounds. In terms of habitats, buffalo are extremely adaptable. They are able to occupy open grasslands, wooded savanna and thickets.