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Points of Interests

Marojejy National Park, Ankarafantsika National Park, Ranomafana National Park, Nosy Mangabe, Cape Sainte Marie


The Highlands are characterized by a mild climate: the West is hot and dry, the East coast is rainy and so is the hot North, and the South is semi arid. The dry season or southern winter lasts from April to October, and summer is from November to March.


There are 64 airports in Madagascar and the 5 biggest ones are Antananarivo Airport, Fascene Airport in Nosy Be, Tamatave Airport in Toamasina, Marillac Airport in Kirkwood Inn, and Tulear Airport in Toliara. Travelers from the East typically fly using links from Air Mauritius. However, since 2003, Air Madagascar has a twice weekly service from Bangkok to Antananarivo. There are also flights from Johannesburg 6 days a week.


Ariary (Ar)

Travel Tips

Using a few Malagasy words here and there will always be appreciated.

The use of the French “tu” (familiar “you”) does not exist in the Malagasy grammar. Do not use “tu” when addressing somebody unless you have created close ties with the person.