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Points of Interests

Kalandula Falls, Miradouro de Lua, Parque Nacional de Kissama, Benguela, Lubango


Although Angola is located in a sub tropical zone, its climate is not typical of such areas. The north of Angola is hot and wet during the summer months (November to April); winters are slightly cooler and mainly dry. The south is hot throughout most of the year with a slight decrease in temperature in winter (May to October).


Luanda Quatro de Fevereiro International Airport (LAD) is the main airport. Airlines offering flights to Angola includes Emirates, Ethiopian Airlines, TAAG Angola Airlines and TAP Portugal etc.


The Angolan Kwanzas (AOA) is the national currency in Angola.  Credit cards are only accepted in a very limited number of hotels and restaurants. Be aware when using your card as there are fraudulent credit card crimes.  Not a lot of ATMs around. Travellers’ cheques are not accepted. Suggested to bring enough cash such as US dollars as they are widely used. Old series dollar bills (with small heads) are not accepted, nor are damaged or torn dollar bills.  There are limits on the amount of cash that can be imported and exported. Subject to change, the limit is currently the equivalent of USD 5,000 for adult travellers.

Travel Tips

• Visa application is complicated

• The transport network is often abysmal

• Limited tourist infrastructure and prohibitively expensive to travel